About Us: Wooden Canvas Photo Print on Wood Manila

About Wooden Canvas

Hello, hello! Warm welcome to you and thanks for dropping by.

Wooden Canvas was born when our group of friends, who are all into photography, wanted to have something tangible to stay connected to special memories in our cameras. We didn’t want to forget these moments or leave them in our device. Standard photo paper was an option but we wanted something new and unique to print photos on. We searched high and wide and found our concept, which is photo printing directly on wood.

We’ve put together this concept together with utmost customer service and came up with Wooden Canvas. We’ve been working on this since 2009. Today, we’re the Philippines’ first and leading provider of high-quality photo printing on wood.


The Wooden Canvas Team

X Marks the Spot

Our shop is located at Cubao Expo, also known as Cubao X, home of artsy, edgy, and offbeat establishments. Give us a visit then take a look at the other artsy shops, galleries, and clothing stores. Grab a cold beer at one of the bars before heading home. Pro-tip: Cubao X comes alive in the late afternoon and the evenings.


The Wooden Canvas Difference

Our team focuses on providing the highest quality photo prints on wood and cork. What does this mean? This means that your photo is UV-printed directly on locally sourced wood and cork. Each print is lead free, UV resistant, and water resistant so you can enjoy your order for years to come. We also strive to provide the utmost level of service for all of our clients.

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