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Which cut off date you fall under?

Prints will be available 10 days after each cut-off. Cut-off dates are followed every 7th, 14th and 21st of the month. Those printed on the 7th are ready by the 17th. Those on the 14th, by the 24th. And those on the 21st, by the 1st of next month.

Payment and photos must be sent on or before the cut-off date.

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There are 3 ways to pay for your order.

First, you can pay through bank deposit at our BDO account. Just select Direct Bank Transfer upon checkout .

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Third, you can pay directly at our shop. Just note that we require 50% downpayment before we can process your order. Make sure to note the cut-off date.


At Wooden Canvas, we print photos, graphic designs and artworks directly on 3/4 inch thick wood so your photos can stay around for years to come.

Wooden Canvas helps make those memories last while letting you have fun with those images at the same time.

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We print your Instagram and all your other digital photos in squares.

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