Photo Printing on Wood in Manila, Philippines since 2009

Philippines’ first and leading provider of high-quality photo printing on wood.

Because Every Photo Has a Story to Tell.

Our photos remind us of a lot of things, most of which are happy moments that we’d like to remember.

What’s Your Story?

We use the hashtag #woodstoriesph to share the stories behind your photo prints on wood.

Wooden Canvas Prints for:

The Perfect Birthday Gift: Wooden Canvas is the perfect gift for your loved one. It is unique as it is printed on wood or canvas and very personal.

Wedding Anniversary Gift: We want to make our partner feel special on this day. Make your anniversary gift exceptional with a photo print on wood or canvas. Let’s print a photo that captures the love that you share. We’re sure your partner will love it.

Print Travel Photos: Relive that epic trip with Wooden Canvas. Print your travel photos directly on wood or canvas. Each print will be as distinctive as your journey.

Team Inspiration: Give your team a boost with inspirational images, art and messages printed on wood and canvas. Wooden Canvas prints these and more to inspire your team and complete your office décor.

Giveaways at your event: Give Wooden Canvas prints as a special token for your guests to remember your event. Our team can produce large volumes of prints on wood and canvas based on your event requirements.

Projects We’ve Worked On

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