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Wooden Canvas is the Philippines' first and leading provider of high-quality photo printing on wood since we opened in 2009. We pride ourselves in helping our customers preserve their precious memories on long-lasting, durable and resilient quality wood.

We print directly on locally-sourced wood, and partner with local artists and artisans to bring you the best in homeware and custom portraiture to brighten your home and preserve your photos.

We use solvent-free and lead-free materials to bring you the best and most lasting colors, so you won't worry about your prints fading over time wherever you'd like to showcase your art and photography.

Our Story

In 2009, our trigger-happy barkada realized we wanted to have something tangible for the special memories we shot with our cameras. In this digital world, so many precious moments eventually disappear within memory cards, phones, and hard drives, never to be seen again.

We didn't want to leave these moments in our devices, to be forgotten eventually.

Standard photo paper was an option, but we wanted something new, unique, and would stand the test of time -- special memories, after all, deserve some special treatment.

We discovered long-lasting, resilient photo printing directly on wood that could stand exposure to UV and even rain.

We've put this concept together with utmost customer service, and the result is Wooden Canvas. We've been working on this since opening our showroom doors for the first time in 2009. Today, we're the Philippines' first and leading provider of high-quality photo printing on wood.

X Marks the Spot

Our shop is located at Cubao Expo, also known as Cubao X, home of artsy, edgy, and offbeat establishments.

Give us a visit, then take a look at the other artsy shops, galleries, and clothing stores. Grab a cold beer at one of the bars before heading home.

Pro-tip: Cubao X comes alive in the late afternoon and the evenings.

Wooden Canvas Cubao Expo