Detailed Character Illustration on Wood by Janzz
Detailed Character Illustration on Wood by Janzz

Detailed Character Illustration on Wood by Janzz

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If a portrait paints a thousand words, then let our local artists do it for you! Be it your signature Mona Lisa pose, one with your adorable furry fam, or the most special people in your life, you’ll get a Wooden Canvas print that will shine bright on your wall.

This custom portrait printed directly on wood is the perfect gift for amazing friends, or to keep a treasured moment immortalized in art. Let Janzz's cute art style bring you and your loved ones to life on a Wooden Canvas print.

This portrait allows from 1-5 characters included in the artwork, with a detailed background. Pets count as one character. Please provide the background you'd like your artwork to have.

What You Will Get

  • A digital copy of your portrait sent via email
  • A Wooden Canvas print in the size you select


Feature Details
Print size As selected
Wood type Locally sourced, lead-free
Print technology Solvent-free and water-resistant UV printing

Due to the handmade nature of our wood products, please allow 1-5mm differences in measurements.


Artist availability: 2 weeks

Order processing for prints take an additional 4-10 days, depending on when we receive the final print file and payment. We ship out orders every week on Thursdays and Fridays, with an order cutoff of Sunday evenings to ensure quality and print fastness.

Please allow extra time for shipping and delivery. Pickups available within store hours.

Disclaimer: Wooden Canvas is not liable for any delay caused by the artist.