Custom Portraits by Abie Diola

Abie's style: pet pawtraits, semi-realistic and cute-cartoonish

Draw with Abie Diola

Location Marikina City, Philippines
Describe yourself: Optimistic, Easygoing, and Grateful
Instagram @hey.honeybie
Favorite artist: @theworldofcat
Time of the day you feel productive: Almost all times of the day especially if needed
Fighting song: Fire by BTS
Other/alternative career: I'm an Interior Designer during the day and Digital Artist at night
Weird food combos: Hmm, not a combination but I love okra and almost everyone I know hates it.
Most important thing at the moment: My phone

How It Works

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Disclaimer: Wooden Canvas is not liable for any delay caused by the artist. Printing takes 7-10 days after the artist has turned over the custom photo to us.