Custom Portraits by Janzz

Janzz's style: minimalism, lined doodle illustrations, and pastel hues

Draw with Janzz

Location Quezon City, Philippines
Describe yourself: Creative, Introvert, Trendsetter
Instagram @citrus.cub
Favorite artist: Hayao Miyazaki, Heikala, and Adrianne Walujo
Time of the day you feel productive: Depends on what time I get to be alone at home and drink my coffee; usually around 12NN to 10PM or 3PM to 3AM if you'd like to be specific.
Fighting song: Signal by Twice
Other/alternative career: I'm currently a House Artist at a Retail store band. I wouldn't change to another career path ever. I did have plans on taking up Law or Masters in East Asian Studies when I was a fresh grad.
Weird food combos: Corned beef + Hot cocoa + white rice
Most important thing at the moment: My wacom tablet

How It Works

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  4. Confirm your final artwork. As soon as the artist comes back with your artwork, we'll send you the piece. If you're happy, we'll get started on your Wooden Canvas print right away. You may also request for up to two (2) minor revisions.
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Disclaimer: Wooden Canvas is not liable for any delay caused by the artist. Printing takes 7-10 days after the artist has turned over the custom photo to us.